Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Keep It Safe is born again

So the kickstarter didn't reach it's goal and none of us could go to New York. But Caelin still had held the bake sale. After all the hard work she had put in I knew that I couldn't just stop. Keep It Safe wasn't going to go down without some kind of fight.
So one way or another I had this great idea to make the film just about Teens and young people who are trying to keep our planet safe. Find some way to tell their stories.
I was looking for people who had done very little to a lot. I wanted to tell all kinds of stories. To put a face to the young people out there.  I didn't just want kids who have done the impossible but kids who are doing everyday things.
So I made a forum page on google docs and set it up so people could submit to me. I wanted this to be open to people I couldn't travel to met.
Young people all over the world.
So as of writing this I have a page up online so that people can submit themselves to be a part of the film.
Either as subjects or some behind the scenes stuff.  So far the forum has worked out nicely. I am waiting on the video from some of them.

So at the end of October I was in Chicago, I got to interview Caelin.  It seemed only fitting that she would be the first interview of the film.
I know I shouldn't be saying anything yet but the interview was wonderful. She did such a good job. It went better than I thought it would. I like Caelin so much but I was feeling really down about the film. I felt like Keep It Safe doesn't stand a chance. Then boom she yet again steps up to the plate.
I left the interview feeling like we had a great chance. Like the film could make a difference. That someone somewhere would feel empowered by Caelin's and everyone else's story.
I know that there are incredible young people out there with stories that need to be told. We have the power to do.
I want this film not to be me or my story. I want this to be a film made by many. Team work.  So I go forward with my search for the next the person and their story.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bake sale and the passion of youth

So I wanted to do a whole post just in honor of the Lovely girls in the Chicago area that are raising money for the film with a bake sale at their school. For right now I will only use the name of my friend there and leave the school unnamed until everything has been worked out with the teachers,students and parents regarding privacy. These are high school girls and the internet is crazy place.
But what I can say is that these girls are unbelievable. Caelin has done so much. Going to the school and telling them what she wants to do takes a lot of bravery. Sending out text messages to 48 different people telling them to check out the video is crazy.  High school is such a hard time in life when it comes to friends. Every word that you send, every time you hit like on something is stressful. Yet she has the photography club making posters and signs for the bake sale and to tell people to support the film. She has the film club ready to video the bake sale and get b-roll of everyone working on posters. She is going to work with art teacher and see what they can do. Then add to it she and her mom are going to be baking for the bake sale.
To support The people's climate movement this much and our film is crazy. When I asked her about it she said
" I just want to do what I can to help save the earth and be a part of this movement. I want the film to be huge and reach everyone."
It's when I hear things like this that I get goosebumps. We have a chance at making this happen.  If the goal gets met I along with one camera person will fly to Chicago to invite Caelin long with her friends and fellow students.  To document how they found a way to do what they could.
Everyone is putting aside their differences to work together on it.  Yes it's just one high school but they are showing the world that we have no excuse not to do something. If they can do it so can we.

My only hope is that we can raise the rest of the money. I don't know how I could face letting them down.  Not after all the work they have done.

If you would like to pledge to keep it safe Click here . Every $1 means the world not only to me but to these incredible girls that are doing all they can .
I will be posting soon some texts from caelin and more for you all to see first hand what I am talking about

Monday, September 8, 2014

Kickstarter diary 7

This morning I was feeling hopeful but at the same time down. 
I didn't want to check my phone or email out of fear that something horrible was going to be sitting there for me. 
I didn't want to see an email from people telling me that they can't help or won't do anything. 
And most of all I didn't want to hear how sad Caelin would be if her meeting at the school went south.  She has been so behind the project and really wants to help. 

So then I get this beautiful and simple text from her ( 45 minutes after she sent it)
saying: Good news, I think we might do something at school. My counselor loved the idea. 

And that was enough to give me a ton of hope. 

So I sent out some emails to some authors that I had befriend over the years. 
While I was doing this Caelin lets me know that she was going to met with the dean of her school. 

Anyway while Caelin was in school I emailed a good friend of mine in Europe. She is a wonderful singer who I befriended many years ago. After watching a video of her performing. 
So now she is sending me a song. So people who donate $15 and up will get the song right away. 
I really hope that everything comes together because I would love for Kata ( my musical friend) to get her own cd going. She has so much talent and sweetness. Also she is so damn talented with all things music. 
This is always the hardest part with a project when it feels so close but so far away. When I could almost touch it but can't. I see all of the pieces coming together all of the ways I can make everything work but it just won't happen. 

So Caelin tells me that they are doing to have a bake sale at the school on wednesday and maybe thursday if they don't sell everything the first day. 
it's awesome. 

So today the social media was very blah. Not much happening there. 
but how much we raised today is amazing and gives me so much hope! 

Raised:  Today:$105  Total:$205

The lesson learned from all of this? First of all family is the first to donate. 
second if it wasn't for Caelin I wouldn't have any hope at all. It is thanks to her that we stand a chance. Her fearlessness and ability win people over is unbelievable! God bless her. 
So I sign off tonight feeling hopeful and with an open out look. With the bake sale and my emails, Caelin's emails, and my dad's heavy hitters waiting on the side lines we might just pull a rabbit out of a hat. 

Keeping my fingers crossed. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Kickstarter Diary 5 and 6

I put the these two days together because nothing really happened on the 5th day. I joined and wrote to a few google groups. But nothing happened. We only got on view on the video which I'm pretty sure came from a friend of mine. Who of course didn't donate.

Day 6 however took a very interesting turn.  I was texting with a friend of mine named Caelin. She was saying that she never got my email with a link to the kickstarter. I had been feeling desperate and emailed her about the film. I thought that she would be one of those people that thinks climate change is a joke.
But it turns out that she is huge on climate action. She told me that the video on kickstarter gave her goosebumps. Now she is fully on board and wants to try doing a fund raiser for the film. She is also going to talk to her teachers and her school to see if there is anything they can do. She is also talking to her friends to see if they can do anything.
And on top of that she has emailed friends and family to see if they could donate and share it with others.
and that has done so much to raise my self-esteem. I feel like there is some hope for the film. That between Caelin, Jesse, my dad and myself we have hope. We can get this done.
It is such an incredible feeling to know that someone else is doing what they can.
Caelin put a new fire in me.  So after talking with her and sending her all of the information she needs for her stuff, my mom had a wonderful idea.
She told me to contact any fellow filmmakers that I know to see if they can help and retweet and share the words about my film.
Also my Dad sent out a few emails to family and close friends to see if they could donate to us.
And all of this ended up leading to $100 dollars to the campaign. Now it is not a lot. But before we didn't have anything at all.
The reason I say this so important that even if we don't reach our goal we will have at least $100 dollars next to us. Which is a hell of a lot better than 0.

So I look tomorrow with hope that we will get some more money and some more shares.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Kickstarter Diary day 4

Today was has been a very long and very hard day.  I have been tweeting up a storm. Getting my mom and brother to tweet it.  While I have gotten more followers and a handful of retweets no one has given a penny to the campaign.
But I did find one of the most helpful things out there. Google+ Communities. There are so many out there for crowd funding,film making and climate change that it's easy for me to go on, join and share. It takes a lot of time with very little reward but it's wonderful anyway.
If you are looking for kick starters to back or watch for research these are the places to do it.
So far I haven't gained anything from the hours I have put in but from what I have seen campaigns that post once at the start and again when there is only 24 hours left to go have a really great chance of getting some pay back for their hard work.

Another interesting thing that I have learned with this whole thing is that we have to change the way everyone talks about kickstarter. We need to make it clear that kickstarter isn't a money scam and that donating to it is investing in someone's job and future. It is not like you are giving your money way. There are rewards you receive for the money you invest. Changing the dialogue around kickstarter is one of the key things going forward. Also you have to be very good friends with people who are willing/can afford  to donate to your project. For me it won't matter how much i put it out online I don't have any of the right people to donate. The only person I know who would post and get me donations is running her own campaign. So lesson to all of you out there: MAKE FRIENDS WITH RICH PEOPLE.

However I can't help but feel like kickstarter is only going to get harder to use. Same with all of these crowd funding sites.  Many people think that is an easy to make money. If you run one of these campaigns you have to put your own time and money into it. It's not a quick fix.
Also the more high profile campaigns ( Veronica Mars, Reading Rainbow - both of which I adore) the hard it will be for the little guys to raise their voices.

Here is one of the best sites you can use to keep track of your campaign while it's live.

SOCIAL MEDIA : got +1 on a google+ group post to do with the film. And went from 86 to 91 followers on twitter.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Kickstarter Diary Day 3

3:15 PM
So as of right now today has not been a very strong day for the campaign. I have spent a good deal of the day online trying to get backers and any retweets or shares that I could get. So my twitter is doing really well. have gained many followers in a very short amount of time and my tweets are getting lots of Favorites.  But none of it seems to be driving any traffic.
When I am not on twitter I have been working to clean up my social media pages. Making my google+ page nicer and more professional. Cleaning up my IMDb page as best I can.
All of this in hopes that some how it will help the campaign along.  Or at least making things look nicer.
Now getting more people to like follow or do anything online is very hard. But I think that the hardest part of all of this is the fact that we have not sent it out to any friends and family.  I have been told to wait until we get more money before donating. Something that I believe is holding the campaign back.
Also I think that we would stand a much better chance if we had had the time to pre-campaign. I did not have any time before it launched to build up my audience. and neither had my dad. We were both taking a bit of a break from social media. Which looking back on it all was very stupid but when life throws you a curve ball you just have to go with it.

10:04 PM
Well I shot my little interview for the video. Since it is me, i am not pleased with it at all. I hate the way I look and the way I talk. But after all the work I have done and the fact that things are moving so slowly I will just let it be.
I did the best I could.
To be honest right now I am feeling a little doubtful about the kickstarter. Many people are liking and retweeting my tweets but none of it is coming into action.  This has taught me that if you want to run a kickstarter you really need to have a built up fan base before you can get any money.
Even family and close friends are hard to get even a dollar from.
There are two reasons for that.
1) They don't have the money to spare
2) they are sick and tired of kickstarters
So today is ending on a rather displeased note. I know that I have done a pretty good job with all of the hard work I have done.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Got 3 favorites on one tweet, got 8 on another, and had two people retweet a photo of me.
mean while I gained 6 -10 followers today.
I'm not sure how many. it's hard for me to keep track of them.  For a normal day on social media it was pretty good. For a kickstarter it was horrible.

Kickstarter Diary: Day 2

Today was a hell of a day. After a sleepless night I had a great idea to change the whole kickstarter video.  In many ways to change the whole campaign itself. Our first day had no backers. None which was mostly our own fault. We had a weak video and had very weak info and Facebook page.
So all day I edited shot and made a new logo. I even did the voice over for the video.
I have to say while I will have to update the video again tomorrow or the next day I am very proud of the work that I did all around.
However tomorrow is going to be another very long day of work. Things like posting to social media and trying to get word out about the project. Sadly to reach our goal we will need more than just our family and friends to pledge. Some how I have to find away to get the outside world to pledge. To be a part of the film.

As I did more work on it today I got feel more in love with the film. With the story.  I see that this could be something bigger. Something greater than i had thought before. Now I only found out about the kickstarter day day before yesterday. But now I have something that I really love.
Making a movie making one that matters would mean the world to me.
Though I had a real love/hate thing going with the editing today I found that in the end I loved the work I did and felt proud of it even with its many mistakes. I think give the time and all other factors I did a really good job.

Though for my families sake I do have to apologize for the many times I snapped and raised my voice today ( and swore at my computer).

A link to the new youtube video ( AKA the one I worked on all day)  got 7 favorites on twitter. One of them ( the last one to favorite might I add) was my father. So 6 random people I have never met favorited my tweet. I think that is pretty good because I have not done any social media build up for the kickstarter. This all just kinda happened at the last minute.

Money raised:$0