Monday, June 10, 2013

Hello Herman Premiere

Nina and I with the poster before going in to the screening
The other night I was invited to go the premiere of the movie Hello Herman by my friend Nina ( you will see her in the pics below). Hello Herman is an indie drama thiller that you can rent on VOD or Itunes. I would say it is really worth looking in to. The best thing about watching an Indie movie is that you do not have to feel as bad about renting it because it is going to good people who love their jobs as filmmakers.
Anyway the movie was much better than I thought it would be. It might not be flawless but it was still good. And I feel that as a future filmmaker I learned a lot from it. So after the G& A  I hung outside for a little while until the going to the after party. WHich is were one the photos below was taken.

Isa Cruz,Nina and I after the screening.
Anyway Nina and I went to the cast party were I had a blast. I love when people get together after seeing a movie. Good or bad it has it this great way to bring people together. And talking to the cast and crew you learn so many great stories about the film. And you always learn something. And hopefuly at the end of the night you have made some new friends or got to know old ones better.
For me it was so much fun because it was my first none telluride premiere. And I loved it. Because it there was not a large group of people and almost everyone was so friendly it felt a little like Telluride. Now I know those of you have have been to telluride are gasping at this but its true  - it was not telluride but it gave me  almost the same warm happy feeling  that telluride does. The feeling you get when you are around people who make movies. 
And I also learned something huge at the after party. I learned that as much as I want be a filmmaker that does not have to worry about bills and what I am going to do if I can't pay the bills I learned that at the end of the day I don't want to be some ego " hollywood" person. I want to be a Filmmaker
Same thing goes for me as an actor. I want to be with people who love making movies and are not in it for the chance of fame. They do it because they want to and because they love it. 

Oliva and I at the after party.Oliva was super nice.
It was also awesome for me to spend some time with teens who were in the film. There is always something so interesting about meting actors your own age ( or close). They were very nice to me and very welcoming. Which as far as teenagers go I'm not to used too. And to hear them talk  about there work really got me going. 
over all the night reminded me why I wanted to be here in the first place. And that going to parties and screens is something I don't want to do once in a blue moon its something I want to do all the time. This  why I moved here. 
Slowly but surely I am getting :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Telluride Film Festival 39

I was so happy to go back to the telluride Film Festival again this year. there is nothing like working at the festival. the first week I was there very few people had showed up so it was not as fun as right before the festival. Right before the festival very one comes in and is just so happy. they sit and talk to you at lunch and around town when they can. And its just like one big happy family. its really great.
As you know the films this year were not what they have been in the past. not to say that they were not good but they were simply not the oscar running list of the past. and were I did not care so much it seemed like many others did. they words I heard almost everyone say when talking about the films was "Long" and "Slow". Were in the past the words have been " Magical", "bright", "breathtaking". also many people jokingly said that they wanted to go kill them selfs after many of the movies, so much so that I started to say that they should keep a box of puppies outside so when people come out they get happy again.  which is why I think that all the ones that had a happier story line were the fan faves of the festival. I think that after much of what people are saying that next year we will get the old telluride film festival back. With it being the 40th and there being another day we should have a really good line up. and I my self cant wait to see what it is as always :).
Also people have been talking about how crazy the lines are to tell the truth I my self was only shut out of one. but I know many others who did not get in to a lot of films. but I mean there is nothing you can do. this is the way the festival has always been if you don't like it then don't come. or buy a better pass. most of what everyone else was saying was that they should add more large theaters.
Which i cant say my self is a bad idea. it would be great and then you could get from one movie to another easier and all-round you have more choices.
another thing people did not like was that they said that the stars were locked away. what most people love about telluride is that you get to see people be normal. and a lot of people thought it sad that they could not just walk the streets thats what makes telluride so cool. and this one I was with them one. its not like we are going to walk up to them and get in their face we just want to know we could walk up to them and say " hey I like your movie keep it up" but after what has happened with the teens and the taking of photos I really dont think that they will be on the streets at the telluride film festival ever again. they dont want people to run up and mob them.  as one festival go said " they now live in fear that the festival just like the rest of the world". that Im not so sure of but its what some people are thinking.
But really over all I had a great time. I mean there is a magic about telluride something that no matter what is always there. and the people that are there. you just feel so at home and happy with the people. I love the staff and everyone at the festival so much. I cant wait to go back next year.

now starts the long sadness that follows the high of the festival.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Old Chicago

So right now I am in Chicago? why? even I don't really know. so we moved from Telluride. But all of our stuff is in storage there. so we are going back at some point to get it. why? because it saves money. So why Chicago and not L.A. because my mom wanted to see her family while we are still  here. and because my dad is away working on a film. So here I am, living in the one place I did not want to go to. yep, you might think that Chicago is all great and awesome, most people do. but coming from Telluride and going to L.A. it is pretty lame. there is nothing here for me to do other then write. and as great as that is even that is hard. so I am in a singing group/play thing. which will be fun, but it is not the big time stuff I was hoping to try here. to get a taste of what L.A. will look like. I have an Idea but odds are that is not what my life is going to be like out there. and yeah why you are still reading this I don't know. I am just blogging about my life in hopes that someone out there can make since of it.because believe me I can't. I want so much. but people just don't take the time to hear me out. to see what I am and what I can do. someone at TFF looked at me and said it was awesome to watch me talk about movies because I knew so much, and because my face lights up in a way they have never seen before. now for someone to say that to you is pretty awesome. but most of all no one believes in. no one. people say they do. but when push comes to shove, no one is there for me. Ever. people can not be trust for a thing-which is why I like to write.
but anyway chicago not the best.its cold and its grey and not fun. I don't feel right here. after the feeling of film fest, where I felt like I was meant to be there. like people wanted me there, its harder to go back to a life where no one wants you. where you don't feel like you should be there. so I am trying to get things to gather here. I got a camera and am trying my luck at that, and I am in a play/music thing and there is always writing and reading to fall back on.
will write soon, I swear.
and hopefully next time with some better news.


Friday, September 16, 2011

TFF 38 ( Telluride Film Festival )

Telluride Film Fest  it is something I have always heard about but never known about. everyone says it is one of a kind. nothing like it in the world. that for a few days every year my small home town that is no big deal is magic.magic that is the world some people say when the talk about the telluride film fest. some people love it others hate it. a lot of kids I know like it because they think they should like it. but I wanted to go to it. be a part in hope that for once in my life I might be just like every one else. its a fact that try as I might day in and day out I might met one guy or girl that knows what I am  talking about but never a group of people.
so I got a job with the film fest. and at first I did not like it. but that was just because I did not want to mess up. I wanted to be a part of the film fest so bad and I wanted to come back so bad that all I tried to hard. but after I got over that, I had a great time. I learned a lot about the film fest and a lot of other stuff. and so now I will be coming back every year for as long as they/I want to do it. which means that next year I plan on coming back. and they said they want me back. so sorry but this job is filled. and for  a long time.
 so any way on to the fest its self.
so the first night I saw a really great movie called The Artist. it is a great movie. I think everyone will like it. it was by far the Fan fave of the hole fest. only one guy ( who just does not fun movies and does not like B&W or most things) did not love it. but other then that it was well loved. and I have to say that I really really liked it my self. this movie had a heart. it was the best of our age of movies and the golden age of movies too. over all I would say if you had to see one movie of the how fest see this one.  the other one I  saw and really liked was  the Descendants. it was a great movie. sad and funny. and the cast was great.  they're were a few people that did not like it and others that thought the rest of the movies were better then it. but I liked it. and I do need to say sorry to Mr. Clooney. but that is another blog.
anyway I also really liked Butter.  it was nice to see a really funny movie. I don't think I have laughed that  hard at a movie in a long long time, my dad also sad the same thing.But   what did the movie-goers think of it? well it was very mixed. some loved it and thought it was nice to have a really light fluff movie. and others thought that it was over all really a bad choice they come to telluride to see dark movies no one else wants to.
but I and my dad thought it was a really good choice. Because really how many sad movies can you watch? its a 4 day festival of nothing but tears and heart break when it comes to the movies. but as far as the people and just being around town it is  by far the best 4 days of the hole year. because I am no longer a freak. everyone is on the same page as me. every one you meet on the street is going to be nice and ask you " so what movies have you see?" and no cares. we all want to know what the other people think of the movies them selfs.  and every one is some how in the movie bis. or they just love movies. it was so nice to have every one finely get you in life. to finely no longer be the odd on out of everything. it was great. no one called me a freak. no one said your weird. or anything like that. everyone just said really nice things like "you know your movies. " it was  great! everything I always hoped I would find. I found a place where people get me. and I got them. there was no glass wall. it was the best thing in the world.
the festival was magic. is magic. and hopefully always will be.
so all I have to stay is that same time next year.
I will be coming back every year  to do the same job again!



Saturday, July 30, 2011

The good the bad and the playwrites fest

So my dad got me in to work (for free) at the telluride playwrites fest.I was very happy and scared.
The first day was great. We unloaded and stuff. Then did stuff like fold shirts. And lame stuff like that. But then after that I did other stuff like eat. But I did get to talk to a screenplay writer and we hot to talk about a lot of other good stuff.
But it went down hill slowly and fast after that first day. Why? Well because I did not like the people- some thought they were better ( and also felt so small) because they were one step above small-small play but one step down from small- big plays. And the fact that they (said people who were no fun) looked Down on me because I was 14. When they thought I went to UCLA they just loved what I had to say.
And so I know and am sorry that I dis not give my all to the work ( things like put up posters and blah blah lame stuff that was hard. And I did not got payed and was tried and it was wrong). But i did get to write abd put on a play with this great girl I met Elena. We put on a great play. It was sort and we did not have a lot of time but I am very happy with it. We got to read/put it on our selfs and i was happy (and still am) that I got to work with her. She was/is a great writers and I had a great time with her. She is very smart and a good writer. She made the last day a lot of fun, even when some people made me feel like if I messed up the reading/play then we would mess up everything.
So what I learned is that people will be hard to work with and they will try to ruin everything but to try my best to do my best. And that for every bad thing/ people I met/ come a cross there will be at the very lest one good thing. So if you are in telluride look in to the playwrites fest but it is not karats as great as they say it will be. But the plays are always... Um, new. But be careful what readings you go to. Because when you go to the readings and tell them what you think with some of them useless you are telling them what you lied and how great they are they might not even hear a word you are say.but others take you word for word to get it right.
Well that's all for now. You are all done with this long before I wrote this. It is very long.

Monday, July 4, 2011

I should listen to my brother ( the fifth element)

 I  read this book ( called Classy)  and it said that a Lady has to see the the fifth element, so that they have at lest one thing to talk about. My Dad and brother saw the movie.  and liked it. My dad said I would like it. but then again my dad said I would like a lot of things  that I do not. so I did not trust them. and as for the list I have seen most of the movies on the list so I did not think I need to see this one. so last night my dad said we should watch it. I do not really know how it happened but it did. so I watched it. and I love this movie. so it did not have everything a Si-Fi movie needs to rock but it was good. I love this movie. if you have not seen it you need to. it is so good. it kicks butt.
One of the best lines of the hole movie. other then auto wash. it says "there are something money can't buy but for everything else there's Multipass." 
and Leeloo is like...AWE-SOME. I love her. she is so cool.
just look at this pic of her. she looks a little weird but she is so cool. she rocks the movie. great casting. over all so good. this was a movie I wanted to watch all over again from the sec it ended. this movie just goes to show you what a good movie is. it made it look easy.  and this movie is not an easy one to made.
so my word of the day ( or what ever ) is ( you guessed it)  Mul-til-pass!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My first job interview

Today i had my very first job interview. It was with a TV net work. Just a small little one. But it went well. I had a nice time. It was good for a first job interview.
The only thing is that two other kids (I know both of them) have also done interviews and now the tv place does not know if they can pay me. It would hav been $500 this summer. Which I could use to save up for a laptop o pay or no pay I will do the job. Because it's not easy for a 14 year old girl to get a job. Most propel want like 17 and up. And with moving out to L.A. Where I might have to fight go jobs it is good to take this when I can. I will also be working this summer with jenny franks. I will not get payed for that but I can say I work on a play with her. I will no be acting. I will just be a hand to help where ever they need me. So I will be pretty busy. My goal is to leave my home town having done as much work as I could. Not like a job work but film,tv, or play work. Be I will be working with kids who have been doing this stuff since they where 3.
But back to th job interview. Katie ( the lady who is head of the tv net work) says she really wants me to be there with her. And that I work much harder then the older kids.
She dis not know I was moving untill today. She was not very happy. She wanted me to work there till I go off C. But she was really nice and said some nice things to me about wanting me to work for her this summer. So over all felling really good about my first job interview. And I Job is just as good. I will keep you all posted about it in the next few weeks.